TikTok上作为传达视频,传播信息的媒介等有多功能的APP,有时候就会出现一些讲述人生或者表达自己思想的鸡汤文,优美的小短句等引起众多人的使用。那下面就来看看TikTok上有哪些非常火的短句吧!bcc5f52a01be0396b26fef031e0a8170  1、Wishing you a birthday that is among your very best. I hope that all the years ahead will be as happy as you have been in the past.祝你度过一个最美好的生日,希望你未来的日子与以往一样快乐!

2、May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love愿新年带给你和你所爱的人许多美好的事物和无尽的祝福!

3、This card is from all of us. It may not be the greatest, but its from the heart.这张卡片是我们合送的。它也许不是最棒的,但却是出自内心的。

4、On this day we all sit back and think about how much our mothers do for us.在这一天,我们将会抽空休息一下,想想妈妈们帮我们做了多少事。

5、Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year. I hope you will continue to enjoy good health.请接受我诚挚的新年祝福,顺祝身体健康。

6、May everything beautiful and best be condensed into this card. I sincerely wish you happiness, cheerfulness and success.愿一切最美好的’祝福都能用这张贺卡表达,真诚地祝你幸福、快乐、成功!

7、I want to tell you on this special day that Im very glad time hasn changed our friendship any. Hoping your birthday is great.在这特殊的日子里,我想说我真高兴,时光没有改变我们的友谊,祝你生日其乐无穷。

8、Mother, I just want to let you know that you are always in my thoughts.妈妈,我只是想让您知道,您一直都在我的心中。

9、Take your passion and make it come true.发挥你的热情,让理想变为现实。

10、Best of luck in the year to come.愿你在未来的一年里,吉星高照。

11、Wish all the best wishes for you.献上最美好的祝愿。

12、I sincerely feel a grateful interest in each return of this happy anniversary. Send you a birthday card and the accompanying gift is a token of my best wishes for your success and happiness.每到你的生日,我都十分快乐。送上一张生日卡和一件礼物,略表心意。祝事业成功、生活幸福!

13、Birthday comes and birthday goes each year, and this leaves the happy memories for ever. May this special day brightens each hour like sunshine that cheers every flower.年年生日来而复去,留下永久的快乐回忆。愿今天的每时每刻都充满明媚,似阳光普照鲜花绽放!

14、Here comes today with special pride in all the achievements you have made. May your dearest wishes through all the years in store come true, and make you happier than you have ever been before.愿你宿愿得偿,快乐幸福更胜以往。

15、Looking back across the years, we come to realize that it takes many birthdays to make us kind and wise. Growing older only means the spirit grows serene. Happy birthday!回首以往,我们渐渐认识到,是这些众多的生日使我们宽厚仁爱,更增智慧,年龄的增长使心境愈趋宁静。祝生日快乐!

16、Endless words, is the bottom of my heart the most true blessing forever.诉不尽的千言万语,永远是心底最真的祝福。

17、You can only say no, will you follow? You have to stick to what you’ve always chosen.你只能说不,你会跟吗?你得坚持你的一直选择的。

18、Trains are speeding up, planes are discounted, there are more high-speed shops, and the Internet is popular, so distance is not difficult, separation is not a problem, friendship is always there, and care is always there!火车提速了,飞机打折了,高速铺多了,互联网普及了,因此距离不是困难,分别不是问题,友情永远都有,关怀随时都在!

19、The simplicity of friendship will remain unchanged for thousands of years; the sincerity in the heart will be cared for for a lifetime; a greeting is plain, but full of true feelings; a blessing, sincere and sincere, wish happiness and peace.友情的纯朴,千百年不变;心中的至诚,一辈子挂牵;一声问候,平平淡淡,却含真情万千;一种祝福,情真意切,愿幸福平安

20、Summer is approaching in a hurry, and the wind blows grass to move friends’ love; small text messages express my heart, summer is coming to be happy; the scenery is beautiful, and the best wishes from friends;夏日匆匆临,风吹草动朋友情;小小短信表我心,夏天到了要开心;风景美好应顺心,朋友祝福最暖心;愿你生活常舒心,烦恼不会再扰心。


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